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What is taught in Biotechnology?

Our Biotechnology class is designed to provide students with practical skills and knowledge related to the field of biotechnology. These skills are valuable for those interested in pursuing careers in biotechnology, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, research, and related industries. our CTE Biotechnology classes often include hands-on laboratory activities, experiments, and projects that allow students to apply the skills they learn in real-world scenarios. These classes prepare students for further education in biotechnology-related fields or for entry-level positions in industries that require laboratory skills and biotechnology knowledge.


What is a biotechnician?

A biotechnician, also known as a biotechnology technician, is a skilled professional who plays a vital role in laboratory and research settings focused on biotechnology. Biotechnicians are responsible for performing various technical tasks and procedures that contribute to the advancement of biotechnological research and applications. They work under the supervision of scientists, researchers, and laboratory managers to assist in experiments, data collection, and laboratory operations related to living organisms and biological systems.

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Pathway Information


Health Science Pathways


Skills Taught

  • Laboratory Techniques:
  • Cell Culture and Microbial Techniques
  • DNA Extraction and Analysis
  • Protein Purification and Analysis
  • Lab Safety and Compliance
  • Data Analysis
  • Bioinformatics Basics
  • Scientific Communication
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Industry Awareness
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Professionalism

Careers in Biotechnology?

  • Biomedical Scientist
  • Biotechnologist
  • Geneticist
  • Bioinformatics Specialist
  • Pharmaceutical Scientist
  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
  • Bioprocess Engineer
  • Biochemist
  • Microbiologist
  • Quality Control Analyst
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Forensic DNA Analyst
  • Biomedical Engineer