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Career and Technical Education (CTE)

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The CTE program at the  Tooele County School District is designed to empower students to live, learn and work as productive citizens. CTE offers our students the unique ability to get specific, practical, and professional skills that can make the difference in getting their first job or making your college application stand out!

CTE incorporates challenging academic experiences which can lead to an industry certificate in addition to enhancing a student's high school diploma by:

  • Empowering students to participate in work-based learning experiences 
  • Demonstrating competency in high-demand skills needed to get a job or advancement in various job positions.
  • Completing a CTE program that consists of a planned program of courses and learning experiences culminating in a state or industry certification. 

In the TCSD, we offer CTE programs in over 30 occupational areas, allowing students to acquire both technical (hands-on) and academic skills. Over the course of three years starting in 10th grade, students receive 1,080 hours of specific instruction, using state-of-the-art equipment, and under the watchful eye of experienced industry professionals trained to teach our students in the classroom



Why Participate in Career and Technical Education (CTE)?



CTE. provides pathways for students to achieve success through secondary schools and post-education. Through pathways and structured training, students will learn the skills to be successful in the career or education path of their choice!  Students are given opportunities to participate in student-led organizations (CTSO)  that help teach them leadership skills and achieve success on a state and national level. There are coordinators at different High Schools that you can contact with school-specific questions and comments. CTE offers classes in different programs.
The programs that CTE offers
Each program has multiple pathways that guide students to a particular career or college degree choice. The pathways are recognized when a student graduates and enables them to articulate skills they have learned. 
CTE At a Glance
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