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HOPE Squad


What is the Hope Squad?


The Hope Squad is a peer-to-peer suicide prevention program started by Provo School District 12 years ago.  It has been so successful across Utah that we have decided to implement it in all the secondary school in Tooele County School District.  Students oh the Hope Squad are trained on the warning signs of suicide and how to refer a peer that needs help.  Studies show that students would rather go to each other than an adult.  Our Hope Squad members are an extra set of eyes and ears for the counselors. You can read more about the program at



What are the qualities of a Hope Squad member?


-Great listener


-Concerned about others


-Someone you would turn to for help



What can others do to support the Hope Squad?


-Promote the Hope Squad when talking to members of the community


-Advertise the Hope Squad in your classrooms and to students


Who can I contact if I have questions?


Mindy Memmott