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Preparing for the ACT

Preparing for the ACT (American College Test)

The Act is a commonly accepted college admissions test with four sections:  English, math, reading and science.  There is an additional writing section which may be required by some colleges.  It is recommended that students take the ACT at least twice to try to get their best score.

To prepare for the ACT:

  • Shmoop- is a state funded test preparation program. Students can create an account and access practice tests and drills in each of the four ACT subject areas. To create an account, follow the steps listed below
  1. Visit
  2. Find Blue Peak High School
  3. Click “Let’s Go”
  4. Answer “No” if you have never created an account.
  5. Enter the magic word: See your counselor for this information
  6. Fill in personal information
  7. Click “Create Account”
  8. Take practice tests and complete drills
  • Utah Futures- connects you to Learning Express program. Learning Express has many test preparation options including ACT, SAT, and AP exams. To access Learning Express, follow the steps listed below:
  1. Log in to Utah Futures
  2. Select Popular Links on the top right
  3. Select Test Prep – Learning Express Library
  4. Select College Preparation Center
  5. Select Prepare for your ACT Test
  • ACT Publication - a “Preparing for the ACT Test” practice test is available for free in the counseling office.
  • Online ACT Preparation Materials- are also available on