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Community Council Meetings 


BPHS Community Council Minutes





  1. Intro/Welcome (Principal Kendall Topham); Principal Topham welcomed those who were present at the meeting.  In attendance were Melissa Adams [parent member], Whitney Burr [vice chairman], and Kendall Topham [principal].
  2. Watch Training Video on School Trust Lands [Utah’s Education Endowment]; Those present had already viewed this video.  
  3. Review last year’s Expenditures (2020-2021) and Current 2021-22 Expenditures; We reviewed last year’s and this year’s expenditures.
  4. Current School “approved” Plan; We reviewed the current (2021-2022) School Trust Lands Plan.   
  5. Cultural Shifts in a PLC (Professional Learning Community); We reviewed some of the cultural shifts regarding PLCs. 
  6. COGNIA Accreditation [District Wide, occurs in Spring of 2022]; We briefly discussed our upcoming COGNIA Accreditation that we as a district are preparing for this Spring.     
  7. Comprehensive Guidance {Whitney Burr}; Comp Guidance did not have anything at this meeting to share with the council. 
  8. Community Council Handbook; We reviewed parts of the CC Handbook
  9. Create BPHS Community Council Meeting Schedule for 2021-2022; We created our CC Meeting Schedule for 2021-2022.  This schedule is posted on our school website. 
  10. CC and Trust Lands Dates; We reviewed some upcoming and other important dates for us as a BP Council. 
  11.  Round Table; No further business was discussed.
  12. Conclude; At about 6:20 pm, our meeting was dismissed
BPHS Community Upcoming Meetings






Date Time Location
Tuesday, September 28th 5:30 pm  Blue Peak High School/Community Learning Center (211 South Tooele Blvd, Tooele, UT 84074)
Tuesday, November 9th 5:30 pm  BPHS/CLC
Tuesday, January 11th 5:30 pm  BPHS/CLC
Tuesday, March 8th 5:30 pm  BPHS/CLC
Tuesday, May 10th 5:30 pm  BPHS/CLC






Agenda with Minutes


Intro/Welcome (Principal Kendall Topham)— Principal Topham welcomed all those who attended.  Those in attendance were Monica Evans (replacing Whitney Burr who is on maternity leave), Melissa Adams (parent), Kory Jones (parent), Amy Hurst (chairman), Heather Wilson (teacher presenting a fund raiser), and Kendall Topham (Principal).


Watch Training Video on School Trust Lands [Utah’s Education Endowment]— Watched the video: Utah’s Education endowment


Roles & Responsibilities of the Community Council (see today’s email)— For roles & responsibilities I referred the group to an email I sent out to them on 9-22-2020. 


Review 2020-2021 Plan and Expenditures [New Allocation = $551,568]

      • Academic Coaches for BPO ($30,000)
      • I-Ready for BPO ($30,000)
      • Maker Space & Table for Erichsen ($15,000)

The above items were approved by the Community Council for purchasing


Review Current 2019-20 Expenditures (emailed to council members)— Reviewed 2020-2021 expenditures.  As soon as the principal receives a summary of expenditures for 2019-20, that summary will be emailed to the council.  The delay in receiving such summary occurred because our Finance Secretary is away on Leave.    


TSSA Funds— TSSA Funds and the purpose of TSSA Funds were discussed with the council. 


Instructional Framework— The TCSD Instructional Framework was reviewed with the council.  


90-Day Plan for 1st Semester— Our First Semester 90-Day Plan to include its priorities was reviewed with the council.  


Comprehensive Guidance {Whitney Burr}— Mrs. Monica Evans, Counselor at BPHS/CLC reviewed the incentive program with the council (ie. “Yes I Can Tickets,” Tie/Dye shirts.  Heather Wilson, Sp Ed Teacher at BPHS presented her upcoming fundraiser options to the council.  Our Community Council voted to approve these fundraisers for this coming school year. 


Community Council Training— TCSD Community Council Training is TBD.  As soon as the principal receives notice of the training, he will pass such information on to the council. 


Elections— There will be no elections this year for council members.  Kory Jones was recently selected to be on the council. 


Create BPHS Community Council Meeting Schedule for 2020-2021— The Community Council Meeting Schedule for 2020-2021 was created by the council.  It is posted on the school website.  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 13th @ 6:30 pm.  


Chromebooks— to all Blue Peak (B & M) students who turned in their parent/guardian forms.— It was communicated to the council by Principal Topham that BP students who had turned in their parent/guardian forms received their Chromebooks on 09-21-2020.