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Attendance Policy





Excused- illness, medical or dental appointments, funerals, ½ day for driver’s license, or emergencies (which are in accordance with Utah State Law)


An absence must be excused by the parent/guardian within 5 school days of the absence by calling the attendance office, or by fax, or by a written communication from the parent.   An absence can be excused at any time within the current school year term if a doctor’s note is provided which indicated the dates the student should not/could not be in attendance for school.


 Once a student is on campus and has a need to leave, he/she must check out at the Attendance Office.   If a student does not check out at the Attendance Office, the absence cannot be excused and will be marked as a sluff.  The sluff may result in a truancy ticket.


Unexcused- An “unexcused absence” will indicate that the parent reported that the student will be absent from classes for reasons that do not meet the criteria for an excused absence: i.e., slept in, needed at home, out of town (unless prior approved), shopping, etc.  If an unexcused absence occurs, a teacher may deduct a percentage of the points for the work completed according to the teacher’s disclosure statement. 




Tardies are extremely disruptive to a classroom environment and student learning.  Therefore, tardies should be avoided at all times.  If unexcused tardies occur, Blue Peak’s policy shall be as follows:


Tardies may not be excused between classes unless student has a note from counselor, teacher or administration that indicates that student has been detained from class. 

5 unexcused tardies class in a term = a “U” citizenship grade

8 unexcused tardies class in a term = Lunch Detention

10 unexcused tardies in a term = 3 Lunch Detentions

For every 3 unexcused tardies after 10 = 1 Lunch Detention


TARDY CODES:  T=tardy 3 mins. or less, ^=3-10 mins. != tardy 10-20 min., X more than 20 mins.




A student is truant if he/she:

-Leaves home for school, but does not arrive at school

-Arrives at school, but does not attend classes

-Leaves school without properly checking out through the Attendance office.

  (This includes leaving school between classes to run home, store, etc.)

-Obtains permission to go to a certain area, but fails to report there.

-Leaves class without teacher’s verbal permission