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Welcome to Blue Peak High School

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     Blue Peak High School is Tooele County School District’s only alternative high school. Our school is a fully accredited high school.  The school is housed in the Community Learning Center along with the district’s Adult Education offices and classroom, the 18-22 Life Skills, Job Skills Program, and many of the district’s CTE programs.  Blue Peak Online, Tooele County School District's online high school is also located within our facility


     Blue Peak is a closed enrollment school requiring a referral from a student’s home high school and then approval from the district’s Case Management Team. Enrollment varies between eighty and one hundred students depending on the time of year.   Students may be referred to Blue Peak because of attendance or academic issues, or they may just have a preference for the small more personal environment which the school affords.


     All students who attend Blue Peak High School can expect smaller class sizes, high expectations for academic achievement, and a personal mentoring relationship with the faculty and staff.  Our goal is to help students get back on track for graduation.  Students are allowed to go back to their home high school once they have made up their missing credits. However, most students stay at Blue Peak and are able to graduate.   Students who wish to go back to their home high school must be referred by their counselor and principal and then receive approval from the district’s Case Management Team.   


The principal at the CLC and Blue Peak High School is Mr. Kendall Topham,  Assistant Principal is Mr. Charles Mohler. 






Principal Topham's Letter to Seniors