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TCSD earns systemwide accreditation

Cognia used the Index of Education Quality to measure the overall performance of the school district. The IEQ comprises the standards diagnostic ratings from three domains: Leadership Capacity, Learning Capacity, and Resource Capacity. The average IEQ range for the Cognia Improvement Network is between 278.34-283.33. Tooele County School District scored well above the average with an IEQ of 323.55!

Becoming accredited systemwide is an enormous undertaking that involves reviewing the strengths and areas of improvement based on established standards. 

Across the three domains reviewed, the key strengths found for Tooele County School District were as follows:

Leadership Capacity Domain

  • The system commits to a purpose statement that defines beliefs about teaching and learning, including the expectations for learners.
  • The governing authority establishes and ensures adherence to policies that are designed to support system effectiveness.
  • The governing authority adheres to a code of ethics and functions within defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Leaders implement staff supervision and evaluation processes to improve professional practice and organizational effectiveness.
  • Leaders implement operational processes and procedures to ensure organizational effectiveness in support of teaching and learning.

Learning Capacity Domain

  • The learning culture develops learners’ attitudes, beliefs, and skills needed for success.
  • The system has a formal structure to ensure learners develop positive relationships with and have adults/peers that support their educational experiences.
  • Educators implement a curriculum that is based on high expectations and prepares learners for the next levels.
  • The system implements a process to ensure the curriculum is clearly aligned to standards and best practices.
  • The system implements processes to identify and address the specialized needs of learners.
  • Learning progress is reliably assessed and consistently and clearly communicated.

Resource Capacity Domain

  • The system provides induction, mentoring, and coaching programs that ensure all staff members have the knowledge and skills to improve student performance and organizational effectiveness.
  • The system attracts and retains qualified personnel who support the system’s purpose and direction.

Tooele County School District is committed to meeting the needs of every learner and implementing a continuous process for improvement to maintain the standards of accreditation.